Relocation Directory | Best of Local Boston Businesses, Home Services, and Entertainment

When you think of Boston, what comes to mind? The Boston Red Sox? The Boston Tea Party? #BostonStrong? Old Boston breweries? Whatever has drawn you to the city (work, family, a love interest, a change of pace), know that you’re in good company! Bostonians are welcoming in nature, and they can’t wait for you to become part of their tight-knit communities.

If you’re planning on relocating to Boston, you’re in luck. There are many local businesses, home services, and sources of entertainment waiting for you to enjoy. Let this directory be your guide as you start to explore your new city and all it has to offer you.

Best Local Businesses in Boston

At the heart of the city are many local businesses that are often frequented. As a new Bostonian, you’ll hear a lot of recommendations from people who have lived in Massachusetts a long time. You can follow their advice or venture out to discover your favorite places to shop, dine, and patronize.

Here are a few to get you started:

  • Boston Food Trucks. There is no way to name one business alone as 20 different food trucks are offering hot, fresh food all over the city. There are different types of cuisine to choose from, too, which gives you even more of a reason to scout out the food vendors and give your taste buds an adventure!
  • Copley Place. This upscale mall is packed with stores and restaurants for you to enjoy every day of the week. If you want to get some extra steps in on your pedometer, go for a leisurely stroll to this location. You can buy the things you need, get a quick bite to eat, and get some exercise in.

Home Services That Help You Adjust to Your New Place Quickly

From moving services to carpet cleaning to painting and building companies, you’ve got options. Boston is full of home services designed to make your life easier. Here are a few of our top picks:

  • DK Remodeling & Home Services: This general contractor has been working on Boston-area homes and businesses for more than three decades. Whether you have a small project or a large one, the licensed and insured DK’s crew is ready to tackle your home renovation to-dos.
  • All Service Window Cleaning: All Service Window Cleaning is Boston’s premier window cleaning service. They offer both commercial and residential cleaning services, so your new home can look spic and span before you move in!
  • Cheap Movers Boston: These movers in Boston, MA offer local and long distance moving services at discounted rates by pairing customers with licensed moving companies from around the city. Enter your information once, then get multiple moving quotes at the same time, which makes it easier to compare and save on your residential move.
  • Beyond the Brush: Is your new abode in need of some touch ups? Call the folks at Beyond the Brush, a Boston painter who’s also skilled in handyman work and carpentry.

Fun Ways to Spend a Morning, Afternoon or Evening

There are many ways to spend your time once you’ve settled into your new home in Boston. Here are some suggestions on things you can do in the morning, afternoon or evening, whenever you are free:

  • The Freedom Trail: Take America’s first historic walking tour and see 16 historical sites along the 2.5-mile red-painted walking trail. Put on your most comfortable walking shoes and witness centuries of history told by a costumed walking guide. The tour takes about 90 minutes to complete, and tickets are available online through
  • Shear Madness: If you love comedy, you’re going to enjoy this play that has been in production since 1980! It’s been seen by 12 million people and offers new clues for you to try to solve every show. Improvisation is a big part of what makes this show a success and why you’ll never see the same version of Shear Madness twice.

Enjoy your move to Boston with ease now that you have some ideas of the businesses and services that are available to you.

The Boston Beer Relocation Guide

New to the Boston area? Moving to Boston was probably a doozy, but now that you’re here, it’s time to drink up. We’ve put together a list of the best pubs and bars in each neighborhood to help you get settled in and relieve some of that moving stress.

South Boston

  • The Gallows: Yes, the name refers to the fact that this used to be the site of the city’s gallows. Cool, trendy, bar and eatery that’s great if you’re taking a girl out on a date. Not the kind of place you go with the guys.
  • Delux Café: A laid-back, dirty dive bar with walls plastered in memorabilia, including a whole section dedicated to Elvis. The cheeseburger here is fantastic, and prices are reasonable. Cash only bar, so be sure to come prepared.
  • Franklin Café: Great neighborhood tavern with a cozy atmosphere and live music on Saturday nights. It’s small and can get very crowded, so expect to wait. The cocktail menu is worth it!

Beacon Hill

  • The Tip Tap Room: Amazing food prepped in an open-air kitchen and huge selection of draft beers and wines.
  • Yvonne’s: Incredible, elegant décor with dim lighting, chandeliers, and white table cloths. Though a far cry from my typical bar, this place has a relaxed lounge area with great cocktails and friendly bartenders. If you’re planning on dinner, be sure to make a reservation as this place books up well in advance.
  • Beacon Hill Pub: Dartboard, foosball, and arcade games might give you the idea that you’ve been transported back to your favorite college bar. But the drink specials and fun atmosphere make this dive-bar worth a visit.

North End

  • Durty Nelly’s: If there’s anything I love, it’s a good Irish dive bar, and this place is one of my favorites. Get Guinness and other great beers on tap and enjoy a fun and occasionally rowdy night of fun.
  • Ward 8 Restaurant & Bar: I’m putting this on the list for the hipster types that enjoy “bespoke” cocktails and fancy bar food. Be sure to try the 5-layer dip!
  • Biddy Early’s: Another great dive bar that’s loud, dark, and a bit sticky. Drinks are cheap, eats are delicious, and the staff and patrons are friendly. After a few drinks, the chili-cheese fries are a must.

Jamaica Plain

  • Brendan Behan Pub: Another fine Irish establishment, this fine neighborhood pub is known for its live Celtic music (on Saturdays), great tap selections, and casual atmosphere. Nothing fancy, just a solid place to drink and hang with friends.
  • The Galway House: A bit like the Cheers bar sans all the tourists, this place is a JP gem with a kitchen that dishes up a wide range of fresh fish and other delicious eats at reasonable prices. There’s a fully stocked bar, and sports fans will be happy to find that there are 7 TVs that always have games on.
  • Samuel Adams Brewery: This place is always packed with tourists, but it’s still worth a stop. You can take a tour of this Boston-born craft brewery and then enjoy free beer tastings. And nothing beats free beer.


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